The following are unsolicited and unedited comments from hot sauce lovers about
Blackie's Best Gourmet Pepper Sauce

You can send your own Tastymonial to Ron at ron@blackiesbest.com

​Kristin - ​Ron the "XS" edition of your hot sauce is out of this world delicious!!  As a self-described hot foods fanatic, I halfway expected this one to be closer to heaven but maybe not      quite there ... most folks don't seem to know what heat is all about.  But ... it's really there!!!  It's not a sauce that will burn your goozle for no good reason ... this is one that has          all of the terrific flavor I've come to expect from the Blackies Best line, and with the heat to seal the deal!! 

Chris - My husband and I bought our "gateway" bottle of Blackie's Best at the Some Like It Hot Pepper Festival in Largo, FL, in 2013.  We are hot sauce "aficionados".  By the time we     sampled it, my husband could no longer taste anything after visiting the many stands.  I, on the other hand, am a trooper -"Oh wow!  This is amazing!"  and added a bottle of this       awesomeness to my heavy hot sauce festival wares.  This seemingly harmless red sauce ended up becoming a daily staple in our house because we became addicted to it.  We         now order it by the case - getting down to the last 2 bottles incites panic!  Blackie's Best is amazing - we have around 50 bottles of various hot sauces in our refrigerator at any           given time, yet, this is the one we always reach for.  

Larry Trespalacios - Unreal flavor!!!!  This is the hot sauce that I have been searching for.  It is so flavorful that I use it on almost anything.  Congratulations and I wish you lots of              success so that I can find it everywhere.  P.S. Bought it at Austin's Dive Shop.

Wanda  - My boys got some of your sauce in Fla last winter and just love it.  They say it is the best hot sauce ever.   

​Tina  - Thank you - we love Blackie's all the way up here in Arkansas!  Chili, gumbo, soup and stew - Blackie's is the best!

Sara - WE ARE ALL CRAZY ABOUT BLACKIE'S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We have 6 kids and 4 of them love spicy food.  My daughter, now 12, came from Ethiopia at age 4.  The food is very spicy there and she GOES CRAZY for Blackie's.  
I even cook            with Blackie's, frequently adding it to rice, sauces, etc.  

Denise - Hi Ron, looking forward to receiving your awesome sauce!!  Got a bottle as a gift and just love it!!  Thanks so much!!

Jeff - I have tried many sauces over the years and I think Blackie's Best is one of the tastiest ones I've had.  Thanks again!

Eric - Unreal sauce.  Everything about it is perfect.  I am going to Epicure now to buy a few more botttles.  I've run through the first bottle personally. Great sauce, keep it going!

Don - I was at my best friends wedding in Naples, FL this past weekend.  Robert's parents had a bottle of your hot sauce at their house and raved about it.  I tried and was hooked!!!      Can't wait for my first order to arrive :)  Great work sir!

Karra - The sauce is the boss!  It'll zest up anything you put it on, and I love it on my chicken wings!

Janie - Wow - this hot sauce has the best flavor!!  Not just "heat" like the other sauces I've tried!  Thanks Ron, excellent job!! :)

Courtney from the Golden Rule - Thanks Ron, I have to tell you we have some very happy customers knowing that Blackie's is back!

Lizzie - I am very much looking forward to receiving the hot sauce tomorrow.  A friend recently gave me a bottle that I finished in under a week!!  I love your product and plan to             spread the word.


Vanessa and Kevin - Love the heat but I love the flavor most of all!!!  It tastes good on EVERYTHING!  We absolutely can't do without it.  Blackie, I hope you come out with a smaller         travel friendly version so it can fit in my purse!  

Brent - We bought a bottle of your hot sacue at Lobsterfest in Key West a few days ago.  The bottle is already halfway gone.  We will be ordering a few bottles very soon.  This is now     the family favorite hot sauce.  Great Job!!

Linda - Had some of your hot sauce last night and it was terrific!!!  The perfect blend of taste, hotness, salt and tartness; a tough combination to get just right.  Wanted to pass on         how great it was.

Ron - I've been reminded every morning as I munch my potatoes and baked beans, that my girlfriend and I are now officially "Blackie Fanatics".  You're doing it right, my good man,      and know you've got two folks out here in California loving "Blackie's Best"!

Matthew - Just finished my second bottle and want more!  I agree with "a little heat, a lot of flavor".  It goes great with everything, it's not watery or runny and the tall, plastic                    packaging is really nice, I hate little glass bottles.

Jake - You've made the perfect hot sauce, Ron.  May its popularity someday exceed that of Mr. MacIlhenny's product!  

Gustavo -  This is the best tasting sauce on the market.  I put it on everything, from my eggs in the morning, to my spaghetti, to my Cuban food.  No matter where you use it, it adds      flavor and character to any meal.

Melissa - This is the best sauce ever - I am addicted!!  It tastes great on so many different foods - from eggs to burgers.  It will be a staple at my house for sure!!

Paul - My wife and I purchased a dozen bottles at Lobsterfest in Key West last year.  We love it.  Our daughter is a hot sauce fanatic, she also loves it  I am purchasing one case for          us and the other is going to friends in the United Arab Emirates.  I work extensively with them and had the chance to share some Blackie's this summer while we were all in                London.  They come from a family of Hot Sauce users and they too loved your product.  I will be excited to receive the delivery so that I can forward a case to them.  I was in              the UAE with them just before Christmas and they commented on how much they liked it once again.  Yours truly is a great product.

Jay - We bought a few bottles from you @ Islamorada Flea Market.  It's the best we've ever used.  Myself and a few friends put it on everything!  Proff is our ordering it by the case          now!  Keep up the good product!

Doug - Great sauce, Ron.  Now I have to send 2 bottles a month to my daughter at FSU.  Thanks for increasing the cost of college.

Aileen and Tony - We bought a bottle at the BBQ and Blues Fest and loved it!!  We can't get enough of it.  We have added it to just about everything.  It has a nice kick yet still very          tasty and full of flavor, not just a Tabasco type sauce.  Also, thank you for your honesty with the shipping cost!  We will continue to recommend your sauce.  

Benjamin - We all love your sauce.  It's pretty much a perfect balance of flavor for most our dishes.  

Sam - We need to talk about excessive luggage fees!  I had some friends in town from Germany.  They loved your sauce so much, that when I travel to Germany, they insist I bring          bottles with me.  The last time I traveled, my baggage was overweight, and I had to decide wetween keeping Blackie's Best or clean socks and underwear in my luggage.                      Needless to say, Blackie's Best won!  I'm heading back again for Thanksgiving 2015, and am going to pack more efficiently this year.  

Stephen - I just wanted to thank you for producing the absolute finest tasting Gourmet hot sauce ever made!  A friend of mine gave me the first bottle of Blackie's and you now             have a customer as long as you keep making it.  Since then I have turned at least a dozen friends of mine into Blakie's fans.  I swear I could eat this stuff on peanut butter and            jelly sandwiches.  Keep up the awesome job you're doing and thanks again for sharing your awesome hot sauce with us all!  

Gus Tijerino - This sauce is ridiulously addictive.  I put this stuff on everything, from eggs in the morning, to Nicraguan food, to pizza and spaghetti, or just straight on tortilla chips.  I      don't know what he puts in it and I'm not asking, but I hear crack is very addictive.  Best sauce!  

Fred - It has its own little niche!  Better than Tabasco and Texas Pete, because it has better flavor and not as much heat.

Kristin Ingram - You make one really fine hot sauce Ron, and I consider myself something of an expert in hot sauce consumption.  Great depth of flavor and a perfect balance                 between the peppers and vinegar.  Nice work my friend!! :)

Caley - I love Blackie's sauce!  It literally makes just about anything taste awesome!  It has the perfect amount of heat for the whole family.  

Erich Word - I had the opportunity to try Blackie's pepper sacue at a get-together in Indy, and I was sooo impressed by this AWESOME SAUCE, that I managed to gather my                        somewhat beer-infused thoughts together long enough to write down the name from the slippery, well-used bottle!  Take it from me, a consumer of fine BBQ'ed items, that              they were ALL lifted to etheral heights with the application of this truly apectacular wonder sauce!  I advise that all of you get up off your arses and purchase this flavor savor!

Jacqueline Garcia - Can't leave home without it!!! :)  Best hot sauce ever!!

Bill Moore - Hey my fellow chileheads!!  Check out my review of Blackie's Best Goiurmet Pepper Sauce.  This sauce uses fresh peppers and reminds me of a sriracha sauce minus            the sugar.  Thanks Ron!!

Tony Musto - Just had your sauce for the first time at Kris' Restaurant in Palmetto Bay.  Best sauce I ever had.  In fact I am writing this as I sit at the restaurant.  Happy to see u sell           at Golden Rule Seafood!

Marisa - I bought a bottle at Lobsterfest in Key West last week and I love this sauce on everything...perfect heat and flavor!!!  Officially on my favorites list!!!

Janette - Best hot sauce ever.  And I LOVE hot sauce.  Blackie's Best!

Diana Lane - The sauce is delicious.  I don't like hot sauce that hurts to eat but this one has so much flavor and a lovely pleasant heat that it makes everything taste so much better.           From plain white rice to scrambled eggs and beyond, we put this on everything!  You may need to offer a larger size :)

Brian Mann - 5 star.  Awesome stuff.  Very tasty, packing just a little sizzle!  

Bob - Tried it twice over the weekend ...once with chicken, once with fish.  Very, very good.  It adds a fine flavor to the courses.  I like pepper sauce anyway and yours had some                 richness and enough kick to enhance the taste of the entree.  Can't wait to try it on other stuff.  

Ralph - My son and I can't get enough of it!  We really enjoy it.  He still talks about the day he met you at the Deering Seafood Festival!  Have a great day and thanks for an amazing           product.   

Michelle Suarez - Bought a bottle at the Mango Festival.  My only complaint is that I'm officially addicted and my family is worried I'm overdosing on hot sauce.  It's so delicious I               have to add it to everything.  Had over half the bottle in just the first couple of days!

Keith W. Rouse - We love hot sauces, all different kinds from all over ... Blackie's Best has sparked so many different meals ... We serve at our cafe ...
    LUNA STAR CAFE... in North Miami ... thank you Blackie for making some happy customers!

Chef Jeff in Pittsburgh - Thanks!  Can't wait to taste the XS, everyone who tries the original loves it!  I will be giving some away as Xmas gifts again this year!

MaryAnn in Bonita Springs - Just had your unbelievable, f___ing, awesome hotsauce ... thank u! 

Mike - Got the sauce!!!  It's phenomenal.  We use it daily from recipes to a condiment on home-fries to boiled eggs.  Sharing with all the friends.  Thanks.