1. Enhances the flavor of just about everything you eat!
2. Has the right amount of heat and a whole lot of flavor!
3. Has the perfect balance and depth of flavors!
4. Beautiful to the eyes- a bright red sauce made from vine-ripened chile peppers!
5. Great consistency, and your food will look great wearing it!
6. The chile peppers are cooked fresh, not rotted and fermented like most other hot sauces!
 7. An all natural sauce - no preservatives or sugar!
 8. Promotes the release of endorphins - makes you feel great!
 9. You can drop it - the PETE bottle is reusable and recyclable, and it won't break!
10. The "twist open/close" top is super easy to use and you can't lose it!

A big note of appreciation to our local farms here in south Florida, Pine Island Tomato Farm, for the beautiful, tasty, red ripe chile peppers!



The perfect spice or seasoning for all foods when you want a little heat or a lot of heat, and a Lot of flavor​!

I developed the original recipe for Blackie's Best Gourmet Pepper Sauce in the mid-90's in the quest for greater flavor and thicker consistency from what I was using as hot sauce seasoning.  The main ingredient in Blackie's Best is chile peppers, and there are more, of only the ripest chile peppers, per bottle of Blackie's, than any other sauce out there! This is an all natural sauce, having no preservatives or sugar!  
Blackie's Best Gourmet Pepper Sauce XS (Xtra Spicy)  is for folks who like it "hot", and this sauce delivers precisely what it states on the label - "A Lot of heat ... a Lot of flavor"!  You can believe me, Blackie's Best 
XS has a smooth, short-lasting, and extremely pleasurable burn that leaves you wanting more!
I promise you my gourmet pepper sauce is unlike any sauce you've ever tasted!  It has the perfect combination of tasteful and pungent chile peppers to be used for almost all things edible, when you want to add a little heat, or a lot of heat and a Lot of flavor! Taste the difference!                                      

Ron "Blackie" Blackburn